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Abrasive Products and Glues

Coat your own abrasive surface with Formax abrasive products and glues; Aluminum Oxide Grain, Sizing Compound, Synthesized Animal Hide Glue, Cold Glue Cements and Liquid Abrasive Sandpaper.  
Abrasive Materials – Aluminum Oxide Grain
Aluminum oxide, which is the abrasive used in the greatest quantities and widest range of applications. It is ideally suited for abrading high tensile strength metals, such as carbon steels, alloy steels, and tough iron and non-ferrous alloys.

Formax offers a premium quality fused aluminum oxide abrasive for general industrial purposes. Used for setting up polishing wheels, lapping, blasting and barrel tumbling.

Formax manufactures a range of animal hide and synthetic cold glues in liquid and tube forms. Used for pre-coating and buffing wheel heads and setting up abrasive polishing wheels

Let  FORMAX®  be your source for buffing and polishing products!

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