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Grade Description
515-6126 A-14

Aluminum - Cut & Color

This grade was developed to “cut down” and “color” aluminum in one buffing operation on hand and automatic buffing machines. Brings up a high luster, leaving the buffed work clean and free of excess grease, or dirt.

Product  #
Grade Description
515-6127 A-15

Aluminum - High Luster

A very dry grade intended for buffing small work to a high luster. Will not pack into small cavities or recesses.

If a brighter finish than No. A-14 Compound is desired, re-buff using No. A-15 Compound.




Packing Information: All grades made in standard size bar 2” x 2” x 10” size. Also available in extra long lengths and special shapes to fit buffing compound applicators. All grades packed 24 Bars per Carton.

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