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"I am writing to share two stories where Formax's YCP Marine Metal Polish came to my rescue.

After using a lime/rust remover spray on a dish in my stainless kitchen sink, several discolored spots appeared where the spray made contact with the sink. This happened after about five minutes. Fortunately I remembered YCP, and I frantically applied it all over the sink and the discoloration dissappeared and my shinny sink looked beter than before.

I had the same discoloration when removing lime scale from a stainless steel bathroom faucet. The faucet had a smokey cast to it on certain areas. After the sink success, I proceeded to treat the faucet with YCP...the results were amazing.

The moral of the story is, if metal stains exist YCP Marine Metal Polish works miracles."

Carol - Grosse Pointe, MI



The latest item to be added to the Formax family of polishing products; sold under our new Yacht Club Products® Marine and boating division.

Our YCP® MARINE METAL POLISH - Polishes, Protects and Preserves All in ONE easy step!

Best of all, YCP®  MARINE METAL POLISH is Silicone FREE and environmentally friendly, making it safe for our precious waterways.

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