Buffing Wheel Bar Compounds

Buffing Compounds consist of abrasive particles completely surrounded by a binder-carrier. The type of buffing compound selected is dependent on the class of metal being buffed.  In general, the harder the class of metal being buffed, the harder the class of abrasive that must be used.

There is no consistency or logic to the accepted trade names assigned to the various grade of compounds. Some compound, such as Tripoli compound, has taken the name from the abrasive used in the formulation. Other compound, such as “Stainless Steel Compound” takes its name from the metal to be buffed.

Formax Buffing Wheel Bar Compounds are formulated to help you do your work better and faster to ensure the result you need. Available in an assortment shapes and sizes to fit your specific needs.

** Refer to our "Packaged Section" for individual and packaged items.

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