• Lubricant For Set-Up Polishing Wheels & Belts
  • Excellent Cutting Compound On Sisal Wheels
  • Use On Heavy Duty Work

Emery Cake is really a Tallow Grease Base (with a High Melting Point) impregnated with natural Aluminum Oxide. Intended for use on a set-up polishing wheels to soften the sharp cutting action of a newly-set-up wheel through lubrication and to prevent the polishing wheel from loading and glazing.

Its use definitely lengthens the life of the polishing wheel head by replacing a portion of the abrasive lost through wear. Because it lubricates, a brighter, smoother finish is obtained than can be accomplished with a dry polishing wheel. Select a grade that corresponds with the abrasive grain size used on your polishing wheel.
Product #
Grade Description
515-6180 80-C
Coarse Cut
515-6181 120-C
Extra Fast Cut
515-6182 150-C Fast Cut*
515-6183 180-C
Fine Cut
515-6184 220-C Fine Cut
515-6185 240-C
Extra Fine Cut

Packing Information: All grades made in standard 2” x 2” x 10” size bars each. Also available in extra long lengths and special shapes to fit buffing compound applicators. All grades packed 24 Bars per Carton.

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