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Formax manufactures a range of animal hide and synthetic cold glues in liquid and tube forms. Used for pre-coating and buffing wheel heads and setting up abrasive polishing wheels 


PRODUCT NO. 515-6021
GLU-TITE is glue in a gelatin form. It melts under frictional heat when applied to a revolving buffing wheel. It serves as an anchoring size coat of glue and is used prior to applying greaseless compound. It permits forming a thicker and longer lasting abrasive head.

24, 2-1/2" X 8" peelable paper tubes per case.


PRODUCT NO. 515-6022
For setting up Polishing Wheels, Belts, Discs and Bobs. A-5 POLY-GLU is synthesized animal hide glue of greater than normal glue film strength. A-5 POLY-GLU was developed specifically for setting up abrasive grain polishing applications in grit sizes of 150 and finer. A-5 POLY-GLU should be melted by water soaking in a heated jacketed glue pot after the required amount is removed from the plastic bag. The individual user generally prefers his own judgment as to what the correct spreadable viscosity should be for the particular application. This desired viscosity is determined by the amount of water added to the pot. Many first time users determined this by starting off with a ratio of one part A-5 POLY-GLU to one part water and then adding or subtracting water to reach the desired viscosity.

Packaged: in peelable, resealable plastic bags, 24 tubes per case.


Grade No. 222

A ready-to-use, water-soluable, synthetic adhesive for setting up polishing wheels and bobs made of cloth, canvas, felt, leather or wood. Apply by brushing on thin coats and rolling the wheel in a pan of loose abrasive grain. Multiple coats are recommended to build up long lasting abrasive head thickness. Allow coating to air dry. Drying time may be reduced by using a heat lamp or oven heat. May be thinned with water if a “sizing coat” is desired on new wheels.

Container Size Product Number
1-Gallon Steel Can 515-442
5-Gallon Plastic Pail 515-443
55-Gallon Drum              

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