Greaseless Compounds




  • Produces a Satin, Butler, or Semi-Bright finish.
  • Use for Burring, Polishing, Trimming, Blending, Breaking Edges and Removing Machine Marks, Pits, and Surface Imperfections.
  • Excellent for Cleaning Rusty Surfaces and Welding Burns and for Removing Machine Marks.

The descriptive word “greaseless” is applied to this type of polishing compound because it is made completely free of grease, oil or wax. The formulations are composed of abrasive grits blended into a mixture of glue and water, which serves as the adhesive binder.

When the solid tube of Satin-Glo® compound is applied to a revolving buffing wheel, frictional heat softens the compound, transferring a coating to the wheel face. This coating dries immediately, forming a flexible and resilient abrasive cutting surface that is ready for instant use. When the abrasive head is worn down, polishing action is renewed again by applying compound over the worn head. The work surface is left dry requiring no cleaning should a subsequent painting or plating operation follow.

Dated for your Protection: Greaseless Compounds should be rotated to use the oldest stock first. The manufactured date, plainly stamped on each carton, insures this protection.

No Cleaning Operation Required: Because Satin-Glo® Greaseless Compound is made completely free of any tallows, oils, or waxes, the buffed work is left clean and dry, and further cleaning operations are not required.

Satin-Glo® Compound is easily applied to loose or tight sewed buffs, hard felt or cloth polishing wheels and small bobs. This allows extreme flexibility for the operator when finishing articles that have flat or rounded surfaces as well as irregular, restricted and recessed areas.

Cotton Super Thick Buffs, type “FD-40”, are ideally suited to use with Satin-Glo® Greaseless Polishing Compounds.



Product Number Grade  Grit Size Descritption 
515-6001 PB-60 60 Extra Coarse
515-6002 PB-80 80 Coarse
515-6003 PB-100 100 Coarse
515-6004 PB-120 120 Med. Coarse
515-6005 PB-150 
150 Medium
 515-6006 PB-180  180 Med. Fine 
 515-6007 PB-200 200  Med. Fine 
 515-6008 PB-220 220  Fine 
 515-6009 PB-240  240  Fine 
 515-6010 PB-280  280  Extra Fine 
 515-6011 PB-320 320  Extra Fine 
 515-6012 PB-400  400  Ultra Fine
 515-6013 PB-600  600  Ultra Fine

All grades are packaged in peelable, resealable plastic bags. Instructions for use are printed on the bags. Tubes weigh approximately 3 lbs. each, with 20 bags per shipping case.

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