The abrasives used in formulating liquid buffing compounds, are exactly the same as those used in solid buffing wheel bar compounds. These abrasives are suspended in a fluid binder carrier. The compounds are applied either to the buff or to the work surface through gravity feed, spraying, brushing or dipping. Liquid compounds are most advantageous when the work is run on semi-automatic buffing equipment.

Formax Manufacturing has a wide selection of Liquid Buffing Compounds to choose from, depending on your particular needs and applications. We manufacture very coarse to very fine liquid compounds.  We would be glad to formulate a product tailored just for you.

  • Liquid Tripoli Compound
  • Liquid Stainless Steel Compound
  • Liquid Aluminum Buffing Compound
  • Liquid Emery Compound
  • Liquid Polishing Grease
  • Rubbing Compounds
  • Lapping Compounds

Contact factory for special requirements or custom formulations. All grades packaged in 55-gallon drums.


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