For use on Tampico Brush and Cord Wheels
  • Remove Burrs
  • Break Sharp Edges
  • Blend
The closed or solid face of the ordinary buffing wheel will not always reach those Hard-to-Get-at-places. Because of the extreme flexibility possible through the use of Tampico Wheels “charged” with Formax Tampico Burring Compound, burrs, sharp edges and corners, light tool marks, scale and surface imperfections can be quickly removed without disturbing essential dimensions.
Product no. Grade Description
515-6170 X-80
Coarse Cut
515-6171 X-120
Extra Fast Cut
515-6172 X-150 Fast Cut*
515-6173 X-180
Fine Cut
515-6174 X-220
Extra Fine Cut

*X-150 IS OUR GENERAL ALL-PURPOSE GRADE (Number represents Grain Size) 2” x 10” Peel-away Spiral Tube 24 tubes per case

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